Stuff People Say To Teachers

Mamacita says:  I only wish I could include the really great stuff, but until some people are dead, that wouldn’t be appropriate.  And you all know me:  ever appropriate.  Then again, if they continue to annoy me, I might even … Continue reading

I See Stupid People

  Mamacita says:  It worries me that so many of our students don’t have enough schema to make simple connections – at least, what were once considered simple connections. You know.  Those people, places, events, and stories that EVERYBODY knows? … Continue reading

Carnival of Education, Harry Chapin, Etc.

The latest Carnival of Education is up, over at Lead from the Start.  Click on over there now, and find out what’s going on in your children’s school, from the point of view of teachers and parents alike.  Remember, if … Continue reading