Conversation from the Teachers’ Lounge

 Mamacita says: Have you ever wondered what teachers talk about in the lounge? It depends on who’s in there and what time of day it is, of course, but the conversation really doesn’t vary much from building to building, or … Continue reading

Blogging: My First Love is Also My Current Love

Mamacita says:  Facebook, Twitter, and PInterest are taking up much of my former blogging time, but you know something. . . . popular and fun and useful as other aspects of social media might be, my first love is also … Continue reading

Get Thee to a Conference, for Those Who Hone Not Their Skillz are as Useless as a Shoehorn in a Proctologist's Office

Mamacita says:  Whatever you do for a living, and particularly if you work in education, I think it is of vital importance that you try to keep up with what’s going on in that area.  I work in education and … Continue reading