Sleepy Town and Shamey Town

Mamacita says:  The new Carnival of Education is up, hosted by Mister Teacher over at Learn Me Good. I would hope that by now y’all know all about this guy! Next week, the Carnival is hosted right here at Scheiss … Continue reading

Carnival of Education, Etsy, SweeTarts, and Pixy Stix

Mamacita says: The newest Carnival of Education is up, and you all need to click on over there so you can keep up with what your children’s teachers are trying to tell you!  Remember, people who don’t keep current don’t … Continue reading

A Plethora of Thises and Thats

Mamacita says:  I gave all my fat pants away on FreeCycle. The lady woman who picked them up wanted to look in my closet for matching shirts. FreeCycle is a great thing, but some of the people on there?  Unbelievable.  … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday

Mamacita says:  The latest Carnival of Education is up; please click over to Edwonkette’s blog and see what parents and teachers have to say about the state of education.  Remember, if you don’t keep up, you forfeit all whining rights.  … Continue reading

Carnivals, Debates, Parodies, Spelling, Diet Coke, and Josh Groban

Mamacita says:  The new Carnival of Education is up, over at  Get over there NOW and get all educated about what’s going on at school these days. Was there another debate tonight?  Yeah, I’ll quote my idol Dr. Perry … Continue reading

Carnival of Education, in a Waffle Cone

The Carnival of Education is up.  Click on over there and catch up on what’s happening in the world of education.  If you don’t keep up, then you should keep your mouth shut about it, and about all other topics … Continue reading