Potty Mouth, Wiggly Little Boys, Recess, and Reading

“No two people are alike, and both of them are damn glad of it.” Mamacita says:  That’s a quotation; that’s not me saying “damn,” although I frequently occasionally do. I am, to my shame, greatly afflicted with “potty mouth,” and … Continue reading

Rules Kids Won't Learn In School

Oh, I know, I know; this list is everywhere and you’ve all seen it a zillion times. Well, make that a zillion and one. For some reason, it just hit me in a good place today. == Rules Kids Won’t … Continue reading

The Value of Continual Learning

Mamacita says:  When it comes to education, I can be quite opinionated.  No, really.  I’ll debate with you about all things educational, and you might as well be prepared to back down at least a little bit because I probably … Continue reading

You must learn, young Padawan, but finals are now officially over

Fair warning:  there is “language” ahead. . . . Mamacita says: I gave finals to five classes last week. Most of my students last semester were awesome; I adore them. I already miss them.  They rocked.  All semester, they worked … Continue reading

Less Ignorant Daily, and the Education Buzz

Mamacita says:  The latest Education Buzz (formerly Carnival of Education) is now up over at Bellringers, and if you are a parent, student, doctor, lawyer, construction worker, fireman, or any of the other Village People or citizens of the planet, … Continue reading

Hands Off My Pencils or You'll Be Sorry

Mamacita says: School will be starting soon – or maybe it already has – for most kids, and each year at about this time I like to re-run this post about an issue that really, really makes me want to … Continue reading