Ten Things Tuesday

The thunder is rolling and the lightning is flashing and smart people everywhere are turning OFF their computers but please notice:  I’m still writing at mine.  I’m not really addicted to it; I can quit any time. This Tuesday, my … Continue reading

Crop Circles and the Salty Devil

Mamacita says:  My hero Steve Spangler will be appearing on Ellen again this Tuesday; don’t miss it! Check your local TV Guide for the time and station.  Steve is SO MUCH FUN to watch!!!!!!!!!!!  Let your kids watch, too.  You’ll … Continue reading

Sarah, Sarah, Plain and Tall, What's The Deal With Jacob, Y'all?

Mamacita says:  Consistency in literature is very important to me, possibly more important than it is in real life.  For example, when Jacob Witting tells his new wife Sarah that he and his brothers and sisters all loved the land, … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday

Mamacita says:  I had such a good time last night at Fausta’s Poetry Slam!  It makes me really happy that she’s going to have another one next Friday night at 7:00.  Find your favorite poems and join us!  If you … Continue reading

The Carnival of Education, and Homemade Bread

The latest Carnival of Education is up over at Steve Spangler’s blog.  Be sure to check it out, because if you don’t keep up, you forfeit all whining rights.  Remember that on Election Day, too. So, y’all want to learn … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says:  I think I’ve forgotten Ten Things Tuesday these past few weeks, but I’ll try to do better now that things are settling down a bit here. Just a bit, mind you, but that’s better than before! 1.  I … Continue reading